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Innovative Energy Solutions
PV-T Hybrid Solar Panels, Solar Water Heaters, Gas / Oil Pressure Boilers
Energy Efficient Housing Constructions

TES Group product and services range from energy efficient housing construction, energy saving products to innovative technologies that revolutionise the energy sector.

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Our product range includes energy efficienct housing construction, photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic-thermal hybrid panels, solar water heater systems with flat plate collector, and gas boiler and oil boiler systems. Our products are high quality, high efficiency systems and comply with the latest EU quality and performance standards such as CE, RoHS, IAF, ISO, UCAS and EN12975-2.

CERoHS compliantIAFEN12975-2AustCham-South China MemberDEMOKRITOS NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHISO 9001:2008 registerred